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Due to COVID-19, the hospitality sector has been heavily impacted, and the livelihood of bartenders, restauranteurs and service staff has been uprooted as they navigate this new reality.

Many companies are working towards helping out the industry through various initiatives and fundraisers. Just recently, as part of the food and beverage community, Moet Hennessy in Canada (as part of Charton Hobbs “ambassador of premium brands”) is supporting its partners through the company’s Coming Together initiative with The Maison Hennessy, by donating $50,000 to the Bartenders Benevolent Fund, in recognition of the hardships the hospitality community is currently facing.

“The Maison Hennessy is proud to support the Bartenders Benevolent Fund as it directly benefits the community we are a part of,” says Veronique Gonneville, national communications director of Moet Hennessy in Canada. “The non-profit organization was created by industry members to benefit bartenders, servers and front of house support staff in the hospitality industry across Canada.”

The national Coming Together program is a multi-faceted campaign that will continue throughout 2020.

“Coming Together with Moet Hennessy in Canada is our way to thank our friends in the food and beverage industry that have supported us in immeasurable ways,” says Alexis de Calonne, the company’s managing director. “We know that many of our partners are facing unprecedented challenges at this time, and we are committed to being there for them, both with unique initiatives and financial donations.”

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