Bartenders Benevolent Fund has partenered with the Hospitality Workers Training Centre to support hospitality workers interested in training and employment opportunities in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area .


    The Hospitality Workers Training Centre is a not-for-profit, sector-specific workforce development organization focused on supporting a strong and healthy hospitality industry in Ontario, Canada.


    Started in 2004, HWTC provides career-long learning opportunities for hospitality professionals and capacity-building supports for hospitality employers.


    HWTC’s training programs provide you with the in-demand skills that will set you up for a successful career in hospitality. They understand the skills and competencies that employers are seeking and their training programs are designed to meet those needs. Whether you are looking to get your foot in the door or advance your career, HWTC has a training option for you.


    With nearly 20 years of experience developing and delivering effective training programs, they make sure workers and job seekers have the in-demand skills that hospitality employers need.


    There is no cost for eligible individuals to take HWTC’s core training programs.


    All registrants must meet the following criteria to receive training through HWTC:

    • 18 years of age and older
    • A resident of Ontario
    • Legally able to work in Canada
    • Have reliable access to internet
    • Have a computer, tablet or cell phone that can support Zoom meetings

    Depending on the program there may be additional requirements, which can be found on the program page. Please review the options available and connect with a Career Consultant to discuss which program best matches your needs.


    Get in touch with the HWTC team to learn how we can support your training goals at hwtc.ca


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    Alexis is the Senior Marketing Manager at Fever-Tree Canada, a Certified Specialist of Spirits, holds a WSET II in Spirits, and has worked in the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years. She has held numerous positions, from head bartender to general manager, marketing manager, event planner, brand ambassador and sales manager. She holds an honours bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from York University and has been living in Montreal since 2010.

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    Andrew is one of the most encouraging and nurturing bar flies you’d ever have the good fortune to have visit your bar. A medical doctor and psychotherapist by day, Andrew can be found hosting Toplack Tuesdays by night; a series professional talks that give bartenders a platform to teach each other. He is also able to boast to being the first to import the then niche — now global — brands El Tesoro Tequila and Del Maguey Mezcal into Canada. His passion for sharing incredible new spirits with bartenders, and his impulse to engage with and develop the hospitality community is what led him here: as the co-founder of the Bartenders Benevolent Fund alongside Jonathan Humphrey back in 2013.

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    (SHE / HER)



    Dani has over a decade of experience working in restaurants and bars, including starting her own cocktail consulting agency. Her passion for social progress fuels her work in the spirits marketing industry — using her brands as a platform to help support positive change. During the pandemic, she created 'A Toast from Coast to Coast', a cocktail book raising funds in part for the Bartenders Benevolent Fund and to promote local restaurants and bars across Canada. She loves exploring new cultures through flavours and appreciating the diversity of spirits, wine, food and people; and she hopes to bring that perspective to the fund. you can find her @dani.drinks on social media.

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    For more than two decades, Donnie has worked in some great and fun cocktail bars and restaurants across Canada and been an boozy educator and national brand ambassador in previous roles. You’ll find that he is a continual student with certifications in Wine and Spirits anxious from WSET & Bar 5 Day. For over a decade now, Donnie has been hosting an industry holiday celebration for restaurant industry workers that can’t get a holiday meal or be home for the holidays. These days you’ll find him working as a spirits specialist for Dandurand Wine & Spirits.

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    Chair, Director


    With close to three decades of hospitality industry under his belt, Hugo has run everything from 5 star hotels to nightclubs and large international events. Hugo believes that hospitality is about empathy, compassion and inclusion, as there is no one that doesn’t like to be heard and understood. Hugo likes being able to listen to others, be it guests or industry colleagues. His believe is that everything in life is about perspective and solutions, and there definitely is strength in numbers.

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    Executive Director


    Mat joined us after having worked with several notable not-for-profits focusing on workforce development programs, such as Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services, The Career Foundation, and most recently at Rise, a national organization that empowers Canadians with mental health and addiction challenges to achieve greater economic and social inclusion. Mat’s experience in the not-for-profit world and managing programs supporting racialized youth, newcomers to Canada, Aboriginal, homeless, LGBTTIQQ2SA+; as well as his compassion and enthusiasm has made him an excellent addition to our team at the BBF.


    The Bartenders Benevolent Fund operates thanks to our volunteers who donate their time, experience and insight to keep the BBF moving.

    • Beth Cassian-Black, Ontario
    • Chris Cho, Saskatchewan
    • Kolbi Morely, Nova Scotia

    Have any questions about your application or guidance on how to apply? Send us a message and we would be happy to answer your questions.

    The Bartenders Benevolent Fund values diversity in our make up. We provide equal volunteer and employment opportunities for all applicants and do not discriminate on the basis of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, record of offences, marital status, family status, disability or any other characteristic protected by local and federal law.


    There are not currently any openings, but new opportunities will be posted here.




    The Bartenders Benevolent Fund actively works to maintain inclusive and empowering organizational policies, funding criteria and code of conduct. In addition, we treat applicant privacy with the highest regard, through responsible management, use and protection of personal data.


    The Bartenders Benevolent Fund, its directors, staff members and associates pledge to:

    • Understand, support, and promote the Core Values of the Bartenders Benevolent Fund
    • Conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and fairness
    • Ensure a diverse, inclusive and intersectional staff at all levels of our organization
    • Respect the dignity and rights of clients, partners, vendors, associates, and peers regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, physical disability, or sexual orientation
    • Not engage in sexual harassment, disrespectful or abusive behaviour in connection with professional duties
    • Conduct business and professional activities in a reputable manner so as to reflect honourably upon the Fund
    • Engage with working bartenders, servers and FOH support staff to learn new and innovative ways to improve how we may best serve the industry


    Additionally, we take privacy extremely seriously. As such, the Bartenders Benevolent Fund pledges to:

    • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning our non-profit and partners
    • Conduct business and make funding decisions in a fair and ethical manner
    • Strive to provide confidential and objective evaluations of all funding applications
    • Be alert to situations that might cause, or have the appearance of, a conflict of interest and provide full disclosure when a real or potential conflict of interest arises
    • Not knowingly misappropriate, divert or use monies, personnel, property, or equipment belonging to others for personal gain or advantage

    Stay up to date on the Bartenders Benevolent Fund news and follow us on our social channels. For any and all questions please feel free to reach out to our team by email.

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